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What is Vitrines d´Europe?

The Vitrines d´Europe is a federation of several European associations created with the purpose of getting their voices collectively to all EU, national and local institutions, as a necessary step to achieve that Europe is increasingly the Europe of citizens, the Europe of the people. His main concern, therefore, is the city of tomorrow; the evolution of the city in accordance with the changing needs of its users. But also it is the evolution of retail trade, opening hours, transportation and urban planning. Not to mention the recovery of SMEs and the promotion of associations as a fundamental system of relations. And also the essential link needed to establish among retail trade, culture, leisure and tourism. Founding members The founding membres of Vitrines d’Europe are: Ancestor-Confesercenti (Italy) Confederaçao Nacional do Comercio (Portugal) Confédération Luxembourgeoise de Commerce (Luxembourg) Fundació Barcelona Comerç (Catalonia) Vitrines de Belgique (Belgium) Objectives In its founding declaration, the main objectives listed are: To establish a European network of organizations that aim to revitalize the European city, especially the organization, defense and promotion of retail, crafts, tourism and services SME´s, as main actors of the city. To achieve this, this organization will use all necessary means to facilitate the development and implementation of the defined objective, especially: The defense of specific interests of retailers, artisans, businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals members of Vitrines d´Europe. The promotion, enhancement and promotion of retail trade within its zone of influence. The systematic exchange of information. Conducting meetings and networking activities between associated entities The organization of congresses, conferences and public events, whether social, cultural or festive. Proposal of collective actions in Europe The creation and execution of advertising and promotional ideas. Collaboration with other organizations with similar or complementary objectives. The representation of general interest in front of authorities of the European Union and other entities and governmental organizations. Secretary's >Since 2005, the Secretary’s office and the Headquarters are located in Barcelona, under the auspices of the Barcelona Commerce Foundation. The headquarters and permanent Secretary's office are located at: VITRINES D'EUROPE Ferlandina, 25 08001 Barcelona Telephone: 93 443 63 46 Fax: 93 443 63 49
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