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The International Encounter: City and Trade
Date: 29-30 october 2012
Place: Nancy  { Look at the map }
Description: An event organised by Vitrines de France
Fédération Nationale des Centres-Villes
in collaboration with Vitrines d'Europe.

Nancy, October 29 and 30, 2012

The goal of the annual encounter of Vitrines d’Europe is to bring together leading international decision makers from the world of city centre retail trade and private and public stakeholders to engage in an open discussion and exchange of opinion.
The encounter for 2012 is to focus on ways of innovating and reinventing our city centres while, at the same time, preserving their historical heritage.
A city centre is an imprint of the local culture and albeit that at times the local inhabitants and retailers have lost sight of this fact, they continue to represent the very DNA of a town, one in which business and the retail trade has always played a vital role.
Over the last decade, European town centres have seen the emergence of specific brand concepts. They have again become desirable areas and seen the establishment of real estate promoters and domestic and international brands.

The quality of the architecture, urban furniture, the preservation of local heritage, respect for the environment, the new forms of shopping and new brand concepts, the need for a social bond – all have become important vectors in a quest to return to our city centres the charm of yesteryear. In the same way, the retail trade remains the mainstay to the success of any regeneration project.
How can we preserve the historical singularity of our cities via trade while, at the same time, allowing space for essential innovation?

City centre trade is a recurring theme, about which much has been written and said. The virtues of the different models for managing it are hotly disputed. Despite the constant debate, all stakeholders, be they supporters of the Anglo-Saxon or the Latin model, unanimously agree on one point: the retail trade must reflect innovation and creativity. It must preserve our history and heritage and must, in itself, serve as a constant spur to celebration. Vitrines d’Europe is thus pleased to invite you to its 2012 Encounter, to an exchange of opinion and to the presentation of papers on innovative solutions to the issues of the city centre retail trade.
Subject matter for the 2012 Encounter
Architecture and innovation, a breath of fresh air for our city centres?
When the street ends up as an extension to the business, what are the different standpoints that are adopted?
A new binomial: Heritage and trade?
How does the retail trade impregnate itself with the local culture?
Urban furniture and design: reinventing the customer experience?
Has the town centre retail trade been shrewd enough to take advantage of the best of the new technologies and the environment?
What are the latest generations of town centre retail property projects like?
The success of town centre brands: what are their shared traits?
How did street fairs and festivals come to be considered as the “life blood” of the city centre?
How is it that the organised retail trade and federations of business people have become so vital to our city centres?
More Information:
Program {1,22 Mb. Pdf}
The International Encounter: City and Trade The International Encounter: City and Trade The International Encounter: City and Trade The International Encounter: City and Trade The International Encounter: City and Trade
The International Encounter: City and Trade
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